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Frosted Lime Hemp CBD Prerolls

Kia Ora Flora


Handcrafted CBD Prerolls available in 3 sizes

Featuring: Pure Hemp Rolling Papers

Dogwalker - .5 grams

Standard - .75 grams

King size - 1 gram

Strain info:

The Frosted Lime lineage is one that isn’t completely clear. All we know is that the cultivar was developed out of the combination of Frosty with another, undisclosed strain. The Frosty parent strain is an indica-leaning cultivar that’s beloved for its effects that mellow you out and keep you feeling calm and collected.

However, because the Frosted Lime strain is a sativa-dominant strain, we can assume that the undisclosed parent strain is a strong sativa cultivar with potent a potent citrus flavor and fragrance.

Frosted Lime Contains 19.63% CBD Top Shelf CBD Hemp Flower Hand Trimmed Buds 100% Organically Grown No Pesticides or Additives non-Psychoactive (THC FREE) Laboratory Tested to Ensure Safety & Potency Terpene Profile Gives Off a Strong Citrus Aroma